Cuba Consulting

The mission of Cuba Consulting Corporation is to reduce our clients’ expenses by obtaining direct routes to approach Cuba and planning their investments.

Cuba Consulting Corporation works as a neutral third party consulting firm and represent our Clients’ best interest. We don’t receive any remuneration from any service provider.

The interested company must only pay our honoraries and for the expenses of our consultants, such as air tickets, ground transportation, hotel, foods and others during the trips to Cuba, and also for legalize company documents to be delivery to Cuban Officials.

The quotes that our consultants charge are calculated according the duration of the negociations and the amount to be invested in Cuba. The price for these services round the $5,000 USD for the basic “package”. For details about different “packages”, please, contact us.

These experts has 10 to 50 years in Cuba contract negotiations and Investment Expense Management (IEM) with/in Cuba, with extensive technical background in all Cuba infrastructure, terms and conditions and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) experience. Most of our consultants are also PMPs with extensive QA experience.

We will accomplish stronger terms and deliver significantly much higher savings than what your own employees or other best in class consultants may deliver.

There are many skills and extensive technical knowledge needed to negotiate a good contract at the Mid-Term, End of Term and New contracts.

To contact Cuba Consulting Corporation Click Here 

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